San Diego Hiking

San Diego hiking trails are diverse and any outdoor enthusiast would welcome a chance to explore the wide range of terrain they offer, including mountain hiking trails and trails that lead to hidden waterfalls. It is a chance to explore nature along beautiful scenic vistas that highlight the area.

If you enjoy the ability to hike in both rural wilderness and urban settings so you can have the contrast of either types of scenery, you certainly won’t be disappointed when hiking in San Diego. The choices are numerous for getting your fill of indulging your wanderlust.

Black Mountain and the Anzo Borrego Desert are just a sample of the more exciting locations you can look forward to when you choose San Diego for a hiking adventure. Imagine hiking through sugar pines or an exotic lagoon or seeing a salt marsh for the first time.

There is a pleasing mix of both popular hiking trails where you will have the company of fellow hikers and less traveled trails where you may find yourself able to relish the solitude of a mountaintop.

Local hikers who are more familiar with the area may offer to tell you of their favorite trails, but there are plenty of hikes that you will discover on your own with simply a guidebook and a map. These San Diego hiking trails will be some of the most memorable ones you have had the pleasure of experiencing and there are all levels of difficulty, terrain and skill challenges.

As you explore hiking trails, San Diego is one of the hiking destinations you will be glad you have on your checklist. Your hiking experience may not have been as vast or varied in the past, but after you see the beauty that San Diego has in store for you, you will wonder what took you so long to get there.

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