California Hiking Trails

When you say the word California, people naturally think of sand, surf and sun. However there is another side to California for people who are not so inclined to the ocean and more inclined to other parts of nature. They are the California hiking trails which are absolutely spectacular, particularly in far Northern California.

Northern California is full of wonderful old forests and rivers as well as woodlands which those in Southern California probably don’t even know exist! Hiking is a great way to see this side of California.

Redwood National Park is a place to go for big trees and great hiking. Tall Trees Grove is awesome and is a 3 mile round trip. Some of the trees here are over 300 feet tall making them some of the tallest in the whole world. Yes, they are very old! I tend to walk this trail very slowly as I’m always looking up in awe at these monstrous trees.

Lassen Volcanic National Park is another great hiking destination. You can hike up Lassen Peak which was the last volcano to erupt in the USA before Mount St Helens. This hike is a round trip of 5 miles but you must be there between July and September as it is not open at any other time. This is a great hike for those interested in volcanic and geothermal activity.

Yosemite National Park is of course one of the most famous National Parks in the world. It is a gorgeous area with several beautiful trails which are very diverse .You’ll see amazing rock formations, unbelievable cascading waterfalls and beautiful meadows. There are over 800 miles of tails in Yosemite so there is something for everyone.

California offers the keen hiker adventures through just about every imaginable type of terrain. You’ll find rivers, meadows, waterfalls, gorges, rock formations, mountains, lakes and more all within this wonderfully diverse state.

Regardless of where you go in California to hike you are sure to be in awe of the scenery, wilderness and sheer beauty of this legendary state.