USA Hiking Trails

This section of the Hiking Guide website focuses solely on the best USA hiking trails. There are thousands of hiking trails in the US ranging from very easy right up to extremely advanced mountain climbs.

Whatever your level of hiking capability is, you are sure to find trails to suit your needs in any state. We cover trails from California to Florida and everywhere in between, including Hawaii which contains some of the most spectacular hiking trails in the entire world.

Arizona is home to a vast array of trails which will give you views and access to scenery and terrain not found anywhere else in the USA. We also focus heavily on Colorado which of course contains some of the best scenic landscape in the country. Oregon is another favorite as there are so many beautiful trails here and we bring you the best ones.

My personal favorite is Oahu where you can lose yourself in hiking for months on end and never become bored, despite the small size of the island!

We also cover trails in Virginia, Utah and more including the famous Appalachian Trail and Superior Hiking Trail.

Stay tuned as we update this part of the website regularly with more USA hiking trails.

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