Hiking Food Safety

When cooking or consuming foods outdoors you need to conform to some hiking food safety rules so you don’t contaminate your food.

These safety tips will ensure that you don’t become infected with any unwanted parasites, bacteria or that you don’t consume stale or contaminated food which can have disastrous effects when you are out on the trail and far away from everything.

Meat should ALWAYS be cooked to a temperature of at least 160F degrees. This will remove harmful bacteria which are found in raw meat. It is wise to take a thermometer with you to check because even though pinkness may not be present in the meat, the temperature still may not have reached a point to kill the contaminants and these can be extremely harmful to people.

If you are catching fish then ensure you WASH the fish thoroughly before and after cutting it. Also wash your HANDS each time you touch raw food or utensils and before eating. If using a grill, ensure the grill is washed thoroughly after use and before the next use.

Food should always be covered in the outdoors. Flies and other insects are usually abundant and they will pounce on uncovered food in an instant. ALWAYS cover your food, even if you are only leaving it for a second.

If you are bringing cold foods on your hiking trip then you should have a cooler with you. Otherwise bring freeze dried food which can be stored at room temperature.

Other safety tips for hiking relate to drinking water. If taking water from a stream or lake, always boil it and let it cool before drinking. This removes harmful bacteria. Take your own bottled water with you if it is possible.

Food safety while hiking is something that should not be overlooked. To ensure a healthy hiking or camping adventure please make sure you carefully plan your meals before setting off.