Hiking Lunch

When you are out hiking for a whole day, lunch is extremely important. This is particularly true if you are hiking in a harsh landscape or in very hot or cold weather. Your only energy source is your food so it’s vital you consume enough energy to get you through the day (and night if you are camping).

Here are some tasty ideas for your lunch break when hiking:

  • Taco shells or flour tortillas these will last a few days and you can put anything in them.
  • Top-Ramon
  • Bagels
  • Bugs! (Only advised for the true outdoor adventurer!)
  • Nuts and fruits snack mixes
  • Packet soup or noodles (if you have access to a burner or fire to heat water)
  • Crackers

Hiking, backpacking and camping is physically draining so it is important to keep up your carbohydrate and protein intake. Carbs give you an energy burst whilst protein will ensure long term energy supplies and strength.

If you don’t keep up your intake of energy foods then you most likely won’t have the fitness to climb that hill or cross that river. Depending on your fitness levels and weight, your food intake may differ to your traveling companions so make sure you take enough rations to fill your regular appetite plus extras. Remember you are burning more calories on the trail than you would at home so you need to give yourself more fuel (food and water).

A good hiker will plan his meals well in advance of hitting the trail. And don’t forget to take spare bags for your rubbish!