Hiking Drinks

When preparing a hiking trip people often give great though to the food they will take but tend to overlook what drinks to bring with them. Most people assume they will be able to find drinkable fresh water however this is not always the case. In fact, even if you believe that stream or lake water is fresh, it is still wise to boil the water before drinking so that all harmful contaminants are removed.

If you drink contaminated water then you can end up with vomiting, diarrhea, stomach cramps and can sometimes get seriously ill, putting an end to that fun hiking trip.
Your camping or hiking gear should consist of bottled water if you are only traveling for a short time. If you are going for longer periods then take a camping flask or container to put water in once you find it (after boiling it of course).

Other drinks you can bring along include concentrated fruit juice boxes. These are a nice change to the taste of water and also provide some sugar for energy.

Energy drinks and alcohol drinks are not recommended as they contain things that will not assist you in gaining energy for your hiking adventures.

If you are walking at night then consider getting something like the Sigg glow in the dark drinks bottle which is great when you are really thirsty and don’t want to fumble through your bag trying to find a drink bottle.

Along with freeze dried, dehydrated or frozen hiking meals, drinks should be a top priority for you. If you are hiking in humid dry conditions then you will need large amounts of water so ensure you research before you leave and find out any available safe drinking water sources.